The Pilon Bros

Co-owner / Content Producer / Motion Designer

Chris Pilon

Alongside my twin brother Nick, my role is to produce creative content for businesses and organizations. Video story telling has always been my passion. I specialize in post production editing and motion graphics. I design still graphics, publications, and social media ads. 

Co-Owner / Content Director / Cinematographer

Nick Pilon

It has been my dream to run a media production company that truly helps businesses tell their story and promote their brand. I am a skilled content director and cinematographer. I am a soon-to-be graduate of Northwood University, studying Innovation of Marketing and Management.

Video Production

The Process

Pre Production

  • Concept Development

  • Script Writing

  • Story-boarding

  • Location Scouting

  • Scheduling Shoots


  • Shooting Scenes

  • Recording Voice-overs

  • Re-shooting

  • Shooting B-Roll

Post Production

  • Importing Media

  • Organizing Footage

  • Editing Footage

  • Adding Music

  • Overlaying Graphics

  • Final Export

Our Favorite Videos


Audio Production

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