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"The Pilon brothers aim to share positive and inspiring messages using digital media"



With NOLIPRODUCTIONS, your ideas and stories will have a better impact. Why? We aren't just a video production company. Nick & Chris are expert storytellers, twin brothers with innovation and creativity driving their passion in creating powerful digital content for your business. When working with the Pilon brothers, you get customized and uniquely branded content



When working with the Pilon brothers, you get customized and original content. Attract new customers and keep them coming back for more with digital content that enhances your brand's message. Our videos leave a lasting impact on viewers.

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Chris and Nick Pilon

Co-Founders & Owners

Video Production

Create bigger and better videos, optimized for any social media platform. Every project goes through the production process. We will help you develop, write, and plan every aspect of your desired video. After shooting your video, we edit your video using industry standard software (Adobe CC) adding music, b-roll, and graphics.

Pre Production

  • Concept Development

  • Script Writing

  • Story-boarding

  • Location Scouting

  • Scheduling Shoots


  • Shooting Scenes

  • Recording Voice-overs

  • Re-shooting

  • Shooting B-Roll

Post Production

  • Importing Media

  • Organizing Footage

  • Editing Footage

  • Adding Music

  • Overlaying Graphics

  • Final Export



Audio Production

Provide your social followers with engaging Podcasts about your industry. Talk about new trends and invite guests. Share with your listeners and inspire them in a way you never thought possible. Record radio ads and we will professionally produce them.

Check out our podcasts:

Graphic Design

Check out some of the awesome logos we've created below. We design original content, from logo's to posters. Up your social media game with hilarious memes and Facebook ads!


Creative & Original Storytelling

We create original, story driven content that drives and inspires your audience to act. We find that people are more motivated to buy a product or use a service after doing as much research as possible. This makes standing out from the crowd very important when it comes to producing digital media content for your business.

Optimized for social media

Every video we make is optimized for social media. Create short Instagram skits, 60 second Facebook ads, a 5 episode YouTube series and more. We know what video formats work the best depending on what channels you use. Fill your social media with video banners, how to videos, tips and tricks, special deals and event promotions!

Co-owner / Content Producer / Motion Designer

Chris Pilon

Alongside my twin brother Nick, my role is to produce creative content for businesses and organizations. Video story telling has always been my passion. I specialize in post production editing and motion graphics. I design still graphics, publications, and social media ads. 

Co-Owner / Content Director / Cinematographer

Nick Pilon

It has been my dream to run a media production company that truly helps businesses tell their story and promote their brand. I am a skilled content director and cinematographer. I am a soon-to-be graduate of Northwood University, studying Innovation of Marketing and Management.

Sales Associate & Video Editor

C.J. Spencer

I represent NOLIProductions and I connect with businesses looking to expand their digital media production. I am a certified drone pilot and I also aid in post production.




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